design, engineering, prototyping and testing

Taking your concepts from prototype to production

If your packaging concepts aren’t quite ready for production, don’t worry. Our design and engineering team has the experience and the tools to bring your packaging ideas to life.

In-house Design and Structural Engineering

With in-house structural engineering and graphic design capabilities, we’ll make sure that your packaging looks great and performs perfectly.

Our structural engineering department uses state-of-the-art CAD software—ArtiosCAD from ESKO—to optimize packaging designs for production, with an emphasis on striking the right balance between quality and cost.

Our design and engineering services include the ability to:

  • Create dielines.
  • Generate production art.
  • Fabricate comps, mockups and scale models.
  • Produce 3D concept renderings.
  • Perform structural analysis of package designs.
Structural design sample
Pre-production die proof
Final sample

Fast Prototyping

Our suite of CNC routers and other digital production machines allows us to turn out production-quality prototypes and sales samples on demand, shortening your lead times and reducing your packaging development costs.

Learn more about our line-up of digital production machines or get a quick quote.

On-site Testing

Even the most beautiful packaging isn’t worth much if it doesn’t protect the product and hold up to the rigors of shipping. We offer on-site, ISTA-certified packaging testing services, including instrumented drop and vibration testing.